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Carpet Services

The Perfect Luxury Carpets for Dubai Homes

Laying out our stylish and super cozy carpets on the flooring of your living room or bedroom gives an extra edge to your spaces. Furnishing your floorings our designer carpets adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the space. Leeds Furniture is the right destination for all the people looking for luxury carpets in Dubai.

We are one of the premier Dubai carpet suppliers in the country

Leeds Furniture is one hotspot that offers an exclusive selection of carpets and carpet tiles in Dubai. At Leeds Furniture, we understand that your private spaces and the way they look are of utmost importance to you. We offer you with a wide variety of products to choose from to furnish your apartment, home, or villa. Leeds Furniture guarantees to provide you a wide range to choose from, giving you an assurance that you pick the best of lot. We are the premier carpet and carpet tiles suppliers in Dubai Our collection also includes different types of woven, knotted, tufted, flatweave, needle felt, and hooked rugs. Our products are available in different sizes, designs and colors. Our carpets are available in plain and solid colors and we also offer monochromatic as well as colorful themes. We also provide wide varieties in designs which include symmetrical, floral, geometric, minimalist, modern and classic styles.

Being the most sought after suppliers of carpets and rugs in Dubai, we can customize our products according to the requirements and tastes of our customers.

We exceed the expectations of customers from carpet tiles suppliers in Dubai

We do offer outstanding products for our clients but our job does not end here. We provide extended services by assisting our clients in choosing the perfect interior décors and furnishings according to their requirements. Our team of experienced decorators and designers step forward and give the most feasible advice to our clients in choosing the best carpets, rugs, wallpapers, rails and blinds in Dubai. We make sure that you choose the perfect piece for the interior to add an extra edge to your abode.

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Are you looking for soft furnishing suppliers in Dubai? Need more information about our portfolio? Reach us at +971 55 425 98 94 and get in touch with our exceptional customer service.

Our Services

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