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Classy Vinyl & Parquet Flooring Boards for Your Home

Most clients in Dubai prefer wood flooring and this is because of the elegance and warmth that it adds to the space. However, wood floorings are highly expensive and need heavy maintenance. Apart from this carpentry in Dubai too is very expensive. Leeds Furniture, which is one of the best flooring companies in Dubai, has come up with reasonable options with a variety of parquet and vinyl flooring.

Vinyl and parquet serve as perfect alternatives for wood. The best thing about these materials is that they give away the same elegance, beauty and the warmth that is given by wooden flooring. However, these options are much reasonable flooring options in Dubai. In addition to these perks, vinyl tiles and parquet boards are much easy to install. These materials require very less maintenance.

We provide our customers with rich collections to choose from. Leeds Furniture is your destination for high quality, sophisticated vinyl laminates and parquet boards that are apt for home and office environments.

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