Beautify your bathrooms!

Beautify your bathrooms!

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Beautify your bathrooms!

It was in the bathroom that Archimedes had his great Eureka moment! The importance of the bathroom cannot be underestimated either in history or in our lives! So, it’s important to furnish it well. And curtains play a major role in its embellishment.

You may be a bathroom singer, or you may get all your great ideas there, the bottom line is that we spent a lot of our time in the bathroom, so why make it dull and boring. When it can actually be a pleasing experience!

On the onset, let’s understand that there’s a difference between bathroom window curtains and shower curtains. They both serve their respective purpose.

Bathroom curtains cover bathroom windows only. They should look fetching but be utilitarian as well.

One doesn’t want their bathroom to look dark and dingy, so the curtains must provide natural light but at the same time maintain the much-needed privacy. This can be fixed by tying them with a tassel or using a curtain topper. They must defy humidity and avoid the damage made by the wetness of the floors by using weather resistant options. The best-suited fabric will be sheer. It allows translucency and dries quickly. 

There are innumerable pattern and color options available.  You can opt for fresh, floral patterns which look pleasing to the eye.

Light shades like blue and white can be chosen which gives an ocean feel. Or you can go all green and give a tropical forest feel to your bathroom, making you feel like you’re in the lap of mother nature.

One can also opt for quirky and funky multi-colored curtains with which give a vivacious vibe to an otherwise boring bathroom. Or do the complete opposite by going solid with colors like black and white which make a bold statement.

What’s never out of vogue are retro geometrical designs, the zig-zag pattern, the stripes and the vintage design. Or you can go all modish with raindrop motifs and modern art on your curtains.

So, basically when it comes to styling your bathroom, there are no ground rules, you can style it the way you want. And add your own personal touch to it.