luxury curtains in Dubai

luxury curtains in Dubai

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luxury curtains in Dubai

luxury curtains in Dubai: If you did not know, let us tell you, curtains make a room but only when chosen correctly. When it comes to draping the windows, it's a matter of colors, textures, fabric, length, and lining. Whether it is custom-made or off the shelf also makes a difference.

luxury curtains in Dubai

So, if you're looking for luxury curtains Dubai, read on further. Leeds furniture has narrowed down the tips and tricks for selecting a suitable curtain for your home, office, shop, etc. 

● Color and fabric 

Fabric is an essential part of deciding on the curtains. Each fabric gives a different look and feels to the room. If you want your space to look luxurious, one must go for fabric like satin, silk, etc.

● Length and lining

Before bringing out the measuring tape, you must decide how high above the windows you want to place your curtains. Measure from the top to the floor. If you like a traditional look, leave some curtains puddled over the floor, etc.

● Off the shelf and customized curtains

Customized curtains give you the freedom to choose the dimension of the curtains and create a tailored look for their curtains. They come in numerous options, and they are a little out of your budget then you can always get the pre–made off-the-shelf curtains.

● Dry clean vs. washing machine friendly 

It matters whether you will be dry cleaning or washing the curtains in a washing machine. You will have to pick accordingly as it will save you time and save money in the long. Leeds Furniture Trading LLC is a blinds and curtains supplier in Dubai. We are known for creating fresh and appealing curtain designs perfect for your homes, office, shops, etc. 

In addition, our designers make sure to design unique curtains to make the spaces special on their own. We offer customized designs with your fabric choice, such as chiffon, cotton, smooth silk, jacquard, etc. We accommodate a wide range of luxury blinds Dubai, budgets, and preferences. We aim to satisfy our customer's aspirations and specifications in enhancing their residential and commercial spaces. 

The Bottom Line

Our products, experience, and understanding speak for themselves; that's why the whole country trusts us with their home furnishing requirements. Not only this, but at Leeds Furniture Trading LLC, you will also get hospital curtains in Dubai. Without any delay, get in touch with us!