staff window curtains in dubai

staff window curtains in dubai

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staff window curtains in dubai

staff window curtains in dubai: Initially, you may not understand the importance of drapes in Dubai, which, in addition to providing privacy, also provides blockage of the light and personality to the room. Therefore, until and unless you see a room without curtains, completely naked windows, one does not appreciate the draping of windows. Curtains or blinds are the most accessible and inexpensive ways to transform a room. 

staff window curtains in dubai

Before we get into the type of curtain you must choose for your space, let's get down to size. We suggest you should always measure 12-24 inches beyond the window on any of the sides to determine the width of the curtain panels so that you will have some gather on your curtains. The sizing also depends on how formal your curtains look and how much cleaning you want to do.

If it's above the flooring, then it's less dragging and tapping the dirt for you, but if you want to go for that traditional look creating a puddled look at the bottom, then you have more cleaning to do. Leeds Furniture Trading LLC is the perfect place to customize your curtains or even get them off the shelf. We are a premium supplier of curtains and blinds in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We offer everything from fabrics and customization to installing blinds and curtains without any hassle in the country. We accommodate a large variety of fabrics in various colors, textures, patterns, etc., to give your space its perfect type of window drapery. We aim to deliver nothing but the best by satisfying our clients' expectations and specifications of their windows and how they want them draped. 

Our range of blinds and curtains includes wooden and aluminum Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, panel blinds, duplex blinds, sheer curtains, solid curtains, etc. All of them start at an affordable rate. We make sure our products are reasonably priced without compromising on quality. 

Leeds Furniture offers a collected range of solutions from design, size, colors, and installation to repair so that you do not have to visit showrooms after showrooms. In addition, we have access to all curtains and curtain-related services under one roof, which undoubtedly makes us one of the best drapery suppliers in Dubai.

Here's a small list of services that we offer, including curtains and many more;

● Curtain designs and accessories 

● Carpet, carpet tiles, and hand-tufted carpet

● Soft furnishings 

● Vinyl and parquet flooring 

● Sofa manufacturing and upholstery 

● Wallpapers

● Custom made rails for hospitals and hotels, etc


The strategy is to design the most useful, beautiful, luxurious, practical yet affordable curtains Dubai and blinds for our clients spread all across the country.