Curtain Fixing & Installation in Dubai

Curtain Fixing & Installation in Dubai

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A person's home is a place of complete peace and tranquility and the furniture within it should complement their mood. When it comes to draping windows, you must visit Leeds Furniture for buying curtains in Dubai. Our shop offers the installation of luxury curtains and those that match your every need. We have curtains that will meet the customer's wide range of preferences and budgets. Our expert staff work with only high-quality material and make sure that the fixing process is seamless. If you are looking for bold and modern curtains or flowing traditional ones, we are sure to deliver.

Curtain Installation Services Include

Curtain Rods Fixing

Our experts will measure and mark the bracket locations on the wall and use a level to line up the markings so that the rod hangs evenly.

Curtain Reeling Installation

We offer the supply of rods to match your curtain and also reeling installation services so that the curtain hangs right.

Ceiling Curtain Installation

To hang a curtain from the ceiling, we first find hardware to mount to the ceiling and then use anchors that will reduce the risk of damaging the ceiling.

Install Curtain on Gypsum Board

The best way to mount a curtain on a gypsum board is to drive the mounting screws into the framing behind the wall. We also use wall anchors made of plastic, conical screw sleeves which are strong enough to hold curtains.

Heavy Weight Curtain install

To hang heavy curtains, choosing the right rod is very important. We use anchors that will support the heavy weight of the cloth.

Bending Curtain Rods install

For bending curtain rods, the placement of the mounting bracket is of high priority. Once that has been selected you can use the curved rod to be held by brackets which have been anchored to the wall.

Ikea Curtain Install

Installing an IKEA curtain is difficult because the rods, railing, and brackets are received in parts. Luckily, we know what we are doing and have skilled professionals working for us.

Rotating Curtain Rods

Rotating curtain rods are mostly used for bathroom showers so that there is more room in the shower and away from the curtain.

Why Us for Luxury Curtains Installation

  • Fit Curtain Poles and Tracks
  • Measure up for Curtains
  • Measure up for Curtain Poles and tracks?
  • Measure up for Curtain Poles and brackets
  • Measure up for Curtain Tracks
  • Put up a Curtain Pole or Track
  • Fit a Curtain Pole
  • Fit a Curtain track
  • Fit a Curtain track inside a bay window
  • Fit Curtain tie backs

Our Curtain Works

Emirates Hills
Emirates Hills
Private Residence

Our Installation Process

  • Visit Your Place Our professional staff from showroom will take an appointment to visit your villa/apartment/office and take measurements.
  • Suggest the Curtains We can offer a huge range of services as per your space in a variety of fabrics colors, designs, and templates.
  • Quotation We discuss every aspect with our clients and then call for an invoice. You will find most affordable rates at Leeds Furniture.
  • Installation We can fix the selected piece at your place after you approve the payment draft. It usually takes 6 days to complete the project.

Made to measure sizes

Delivery in 1 week

Easy to use

Clients Testimonials

The curtains were fixed with extreme care and I am happy that my drawing room looks much more royal now.

David Fletcher

Thank you, Leeds, for perfecting my curtains. I was worried as the material was expensive, but you guys completely blew me away with your professional work.

Victoria Thatcher