Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are simply one of the best ways to give any room the uplifting change it needs. Versatile and perfect for use in a number of places, including the office and bedroom, these blinds are as affordable as they are elegant.

Available in a number of slat widths that give you choices as to what best compliments you current décor, the sleek lining on these blinds have the ability to transform even the most boring of spaces.

This variety of blinds presents the perfect no-nonsense solution to minimalist décor needs. They are simple and elegant, and capable of gracing virtually any window in your interiors.

Depending on your choice and variety, aluminium blinds will come with their own set of pelmets, along with a metal bottom and upper rail.

Thanks to their simple design, they are easy and quick to install. Once the screw holes are in place, all you have to do is place the mounting bracket in, and attach the blinds.

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Exotic Varieties

Leeds Furnishing products are a notch above the rest because of the affordability and high quality combination. To give your rooms a mini makeover, aluminium venetian blinds also come in certain exotic finishes to boost their attraction and décor value.

To benefit from the brushed metallic look of aluminium blinds, you can choose a number of metallic colors, some of which include blue and bronze.

If your taste is more towards the glossy finish, we also offer aluminium blinds with smooth and attractive gloss finishes in a number of amazing colors.

Apart from these varieties, some people might want to give their rooms and interiors a wooden look without having to install expensive wooden components. Wood colored aluminium blinds may be the perfect way to give these places a warm and luxurious allure.

Our aluminium venetian blind varieties are tailor-made to provide the best decorative aspect. Thanks to their simple design, these blinds are very easy to not only install, but also clean, without the need to worry about them suddenly breaking.

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