Office Blinds in Dubai

Office Blinds in Dubai

Office Blinds in Dubai

Dubai has a large number of skyscrapers and each one of them is filled with offices. People from all around the globe come here to do business. If you have a workspace in the city, then you should furnish its windows in style. Leeds Furniture provides commercial and office blinds in Dubai which are perfect and suit all your needs. These blinds can be vertical or horizontal and are easy to manage. It is an effortless task to clean them and they let light into the room increasing productivity. We have a roller, roman or easy blinds in every color and design to match your ideal place of business. They also have special characteristics like blackout and dimming along with safety features like light reflection and flame protection.


Our Range of Commercial Blinds

Clinics & Medical Centers

Practical vertical and roller blinds are ideal for clinics and medical centers as they are easy to clean. Venetian blinds can also be angled to give more privacy to patients.


The most popular blinds for offices are screen rollers as they can be closed and still allow for some of the great views of Dubai.

Hotels & Restaurants

Blinds for hotels and restaurants should not only be functional but stylish as well.

Public Building

Blinds for hotels and restaurants should not only be functional but stylish as well.


Our Office Blinds Works

Office Blinds Works 1
Office Blinds Works 2

How We Work

  • Visit Your Place Our professional staff from showroom will take an appointment to visit your villa/apartment/office and take measurements.
  • Suggest the Blinds We can offer a huge range of services as per your space in a variety of fabrics colors, designs, and templates.
  • Quotation We discuss every aspect with our clients and then call for an invoice. You will find most affordable rates at Leeds Furniture.
  • Installation We can fix the selected piece at your place after you approve the payment draft. It usually takes 6 days to create your blinds.

Made to measure sizes

Delivery in 1 week

Easy to use

Our Commercial Blinds FAQ

Common Questions about commercial and office blinds in dubai

We are often asked many questions about our commercial blinds so we have compiled a list of the common ones to assist you in your decision making.

How long will it take to install the Blinds?

After we check your requirements, it will take 3 days to install the blinds.

What warranty do you supply for the Blind?

As part of our terms and conditions, we supply 1-year warranty. The blinds are well made so we very rarely get requests for repairs.

Can you supply other types of blinds?

We supply every kind of blinds like venetian, wooden and roman. You can browse through our website to know more.

Can you install throughout the UAE?

Yes, we do installations throughout the UAE.

Clients Testimonials

Our clinic needed blinds that were easy to handle and clean. We visited Leeds Furniture and they took care of the rest.

David Fletcher

The restaurant I own needed commercial blinds that looked rich and lavish. Found the right ones at Leeds.

Victoria Thatcher
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