roller & motorized blinds in Dubai

roller & motorized blinds in Dubai

roller & motorized blinds in Dubai

Window blinds are a very common alternative for homeowners that would like to cover their window to obstruct light or shield privacy. They are glossy in appearance, easy to maintain and pretty hard-wearing - making them perfect for modern homes. Budget-friendly roller & motorized blinds in Dubai are elegant and custom fit to every window.

Motorized window blinds act upon the similar purpose of traditional window blinds. These blinds have supplementary functions that make them a precious accumulation to your home's interior design. 

Cordless Design Offers Utmost Safety for Children and Pets

When it comes to children’s protection, motorized window blinds provide parents a great peace of mind.

Window coverings with corded structures are safety risk for young children as well as pets. Cords create as suffocation vulnerability when children become knotted in them, above all corded systems featuring a circle. Pets are also in danger of wound from corded window blinds equally to young kids.

Motorized window blinds are a cordless structure which makes them one of the protected window treatments choices for parents and pet owners.

For these major purposes, motorized window blinds are perfect for any rooms in your home that your kids or pets have get into.

The carpet tiles in Dubai with terrific performance, large sustainability which is best for individuals, for making and for the surroundings. We are here to assist our customers to work, Live and feel relax in a pleasant atmosphere.


·         Design flexibility No edging or capping required.

·         Terrific auditory performance

·         Great sturdiness with long-term constancy and performance

·         Secure, Non-toxic, Non-irritant and Non-allergenic

·         Easy Transportation- Boxes to fit in the back of your car.

·         Can be fitted on top of laminate/vinyl/concrete with no need for underlie.

·         Easy to clean and if a tile is broken, you can easily change the tile before the entire floor.