Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are known throughout the world as a versatile choice, working well on any window in the room. Apart from the bedroom, they can also be used in other important parts of the house, where décor and color can make great contributions to the interior.

This includes the lounge, drawing room, and dining room, all of which stand to look a lot more beautiful, thanks to the warm and graceful look these blinds can add.

A complete range of tailor-made varieties means you can rest easy about finding the perfect shade and style for your house and rooms. Beyond the color palette and look, you can choose to add a number of useful features to your choice, including blackout technology, or side with the standard make.

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Controlling Movement: A chain attached to the head rail is used to lower and fold up the roman blinds.

Suitability and Room Types: Ideal for the bedroom and dining room. Also work really well in dining rooms.

Maintenance: The cloth can be cleaned easily using the upholstery setting on the vacuum cleaner.

Bespoke Roman Blinds

If looking for a more tailored product for special rooms in you house, beyond fabric types, you could also choose a unique open and close method, some of which include cascade and waterfall. These features are specifically pleasing for rooms where the guests are entertained.

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