Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Hardwood floors are made from thick sheets of timber. Originally, solid hardwood floors were only used for support and structure purposes.

In modern construction, concrete is used for this purpose, which is part of the reason why floors made of engineered wood started to become attractive indoors.

Even with the increased use of engineered floors, solid wood floors are still present in many houses across the world. Their main appeal is that they are a lot thicker and more solid, which is why they can also be sanded more times than an engineered floor.

Going for Solid Wood

The most important advantage of solid wood floors is the durability and long lasting finish, specifically when you consider it against using carpet.

The latter requires more frequent cleaning and repair, which makes it expensive to maintain properly.

Small scratches or dents, and stains are usually a small problem when it comes to solid wood floors, but carpets will need dry cleaning or replacement when the stains are strong and irremovable.

Solid wood on the other hand can easily last several decades without needing replacement, and it also provides higher protection from dust and harmful bacteria.

Of course, when discussing the merits of solid wood floors, one cannot forget its luscious appearance. A wood floor gives a feeling of warmth and space to the house, while also adding character and luxury.

Types Of Wood Floors

As wooden floors become more and more popular, new varieties are popping up every day. There are dozens of different colors, patterns, lengths, and styles to choose from.

All of this can make the choice difficult, but our floor experts are here to guide you through our expert collection.

The most popular types of wooden floor material include bamboo, oak, walnut, and maple. Oak is the most frequently used material in this sense, because it is considered to be more solid and durable than others.

Laminate and Solid Wood

Since laminate wood has a protective later on top, and is also extremely durable, it does not need most maintenance procedures meant for real wood types.

Solid wood on the other hand, needs to be buffed every few years.

Wooden floors can prove to be a great choice for all kinds of homes and interior décor. All of the colors and choices deliver a matchless level of beauty and class, and pair up perfectly with a number of popular decoration choices, including luxury, formal, contemporary, and modern.

Along with this, they are also versatile enough to be placed anywhere in the house. However, you will have to be extra careful if you want them to be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, or better yet, avoid using wood there altogether.

Solid wood flooring is a totally natural product. Usually, every single plank or piece is made from a separate piece of wood, and the style of the cut can vary with the finishing technique.

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