Shade Panel Track Curtains

Shade Panel Track Curtains

Room shade panel track curtains are a new and convenient way to decorate and cover large windows (External Shades and Curtains Across GCC, External Shades in Dubai). They use an easy to control and use sliding mechanism, and you can chose to make them stack up on the side of the window you prefer when they are open, or close them to get the most of their stunning decorative features.

These types of curtain panels are usually marketed as Japanese blinds, and provide a unique combination of minimalist and aesthetic window shade.

Their “as long as required” design, which doesn’t extend all the way to the floor unlike most curtains, means a lot less time to clean or vacuum them, and even makes it easier to mop the floor.

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Depending on the type and color you choose, we have blade and fabric options that will transform any window or door into a statement of style and vibrancy.

They opening and closing mechanism is the same as window screens. You can choose for this to be on either side of the window, or for the piece to extend from the center. In this case, a cord is used to control opening and closing.

In advanced options, you can even choose a motor to attach to it, controlling the movement using a remote from anywhere in the room.

  • Keeping in mind the weather conditions in Dubai, here are some of the most notable features of panel track curtains.
  • They are completely opaque and resistant to the sun, making them worth lasting several years on end.
  • Made of durable cloth or other materials, heat exposure will not affect their look or performance.
  • They will retain their color for as long as they are in use.
  • The panel is made with natural materials that are great for the environment, and prevent fading.
  • One of the best options for big windows, giving it a spacious and simple, yet classy appearance.

Room Shades Panel Track Curtains

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