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Window Curtains

Even in the presence of the growing popularity of blinds and enclosures made of thicker fabric in recent times, curtains are still the most common way people chose to adorn their windows.

Widely known as giving a mood and a soothing feeling to the room, come to Leeds Furnishing to give your rooms an elegant set of drapes.

The rich and luxurious designer curtains will not only add a tone of supremacy and grandeur, but also let in the perfect amount fresh breeze.

At Leeds Furnishing, we’re always looking to give our clients the benefit and the choice of a huge range of curtains and drapes, no matter what the personal taste and the style of your house and rooms is.

The superior finishes, tailor-made and readymade varieties we have will all make you want to spring for the best looking rods, blinds and tying materials.

You can choose from dozens of different designer made colors and designs, in which you get to scan through many other sheer materials, designing, and installation choices.


With hundreds of different ways and combinations to style a window, we give you a large choice of colors, designs and materials, all of which you can mix and match to get a stunning overall look.

About Our Curtains

Leeds Furnishing is an expert in the design, supply, and installation of a full range of colors and curtain cloth materials, not just for the areas of the home you are looking to decorate, but also for offices and workplaces.

Our specialists are highly skilled and experienced people, guaranteed to provide you with something that will suit your stated theme and preferences.

Our window curtain designs and materials reflect a high quality and durable fabric, suitable for all kinds of weather and placement needs across the country.

The durability and strength of the fabric makes sure not only of the fact that it lasts for years on end, but also that they can be washed safely, and retain their original smooth feeling, texture, and look, even after multiple cleanings.

Our extensive collection of curtain cloths includes simple, traditional, floral, and contemporary designs, all of which are given the styling and finishing that will best decorate and compliment the parts of your house you want them installed in.

Our team of designers and installation experts make sure your curtains are finished and placed with the best design considerations in mind. Whether it is joints you need, or your window sizes are smaller or larger than average, our people will ensure the patterns and seams are tailored just right, so they deliver the level of luxury and the modern look you desire.

We also use nifty stitching techniques to fix the linings, in order to make the seams and stitch patterns look as hidden as possible.

The bottom part of the curtains can also be weighed down with heavy materials, so they hang perfectly in place, and light winds don’t interfere.

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