Let the curtains fall!


Let the curtains fall!

Fixing Installation So, you decide the give your good old curtains a miss. But now what? How do you begin? While the market is flooded with various types of blinds, it’s important to find a professional blinds supplier who would visit the place with the experts, make suggestions keeping in mind your décor, taste and budget. And then install the tailor-made blinds to ensure customer satisfaction.

The first thing to consider before buying blinds is

Practical purpose – whether it wedges the sunlight from the room.

Aesthetic purpose – whether it blends with the interiors of the room and gives it a finishing touch.

Privacy purpose – whether it ensures the privacy of the room especially in case of a road-facing room.

The latest blinds in-vogue are:

Venetian Blinds

Gone are the days when venetian blinds were associated with boring whites! Today, they’re available in fabric, aluminum and wood. Venetian blinds are best suited to bathrooms and kitchens as they are equipped to cope with precipitation and are moisture-resistant. They provide a fine balance between providing and blocking sunlight and safeguarding privacy.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds stand for elegance and style and give a classic and quintessential look to the room. There’s a diverse collection of fabrics and patterns to choose from. They are best suited to beach side homes, conservatories, lounges, garden rooms where they give a partial view from the window and allow some light to come through. They look best in light-toned, soft-hued colors giving an earthy feel to the room.

Panel blinds

The latest trend in all upcoming homes is the Panel Track blinds. They’re best suited for modern apartments, condos, luxury residential homes. If you have large windows or glass doors, we have the perfect blinds for you. They are hung from a track system, while the panels are made of wood or fabric. Panel track blinds come in an array of varieties, colors and fabrics giving you no dearth of options. They are easier to maintain as compared to curtains. And give the room an best look.

Wooden Blinds

When we think of wooden blinds, the one word that comes to our mind is timeless. That is because one can never go wrong with them. They are a perfect blend of finesse and functionality. And can gel in any room. They lend an air of homeliness and hospitality to the house.