Blinds and Curtains Supplier in Dubai


Blinds and Curtains Supplier in Dubai

We are a leading provider for luxury curtain makers in dubai & Blinds and Home Curtains Dubai. We believe in making our clients’ life easy that is why we provide professional services for curtain installation Dubai. Our expert staff will visit your place and take all the measurements. If there is any specific problem regarding the size or product type, we provide an ultimate solution and perfect fixture. Our team has several years of expertise in understanding the demands and desires of customers to create bespoke curtain fabrics in Dubai & other products.

Our Services

Our Range of Blinds

You can select from a huge variety of these rails which are durable and classy and also provide a unique elegance to your windows.

For high-class fabric, railings, bracket, and exceptional designs, these are the best you can get for your home and office.

If you like it in a traditional way, Leeds Furniture is here to help. We are working to create them in any color and size as you demand.

These are a perfect blend of contemporary blinds and curtains which provide a beautiful panel and fitting to connect with your wall.

You can visit us to ask for a bespoke interior and exterior design. We have several years of expertise in understanding customers demand and requirements for upholstery.

Luxury Curtain Fitting & Installation Dubai

Process of Curtain Installation

There are lots of benefits to having window coverings. Curtain Installation Dubai offers privacy, light control, safety measures, and also turns out a great fashion statement for your home and more. Explore the major benefits of blinds here!

  1. Blocks Direct Sunlight: Window coverings by Curtain Suppliers In Dubai will assist to block direct light from going into through your windows, defending your furniture, lowering glare during the day and keeping your room dark during night.
  2. Climate Control: Window coverings assist to control the climate in your home, keeping you relaxing all year round.
  3. Privacy: Window coverings provide your home additional privacy, and allow you to enjoy life without getting worried about your snooping neighbors!
  4. Insulates Your Home: Window coverings assist with the thermal insulation of your house, and save you on more heating and cooling bills.
  5. Creates A Barrier: Window coverings help to create barrier means stops entering heats inside the rooms.

Noise Insulation

Window coverings don’t only provide your home with thermal insulation; they can also aid to decrease noise from the outside world.

Adds Value to Your Home

Window coverings are an efficient way of including added value to your home as another high quality fitting.

Enhances Your Decor

Window coverings make your home look perfect! They’re a trendy piece in their own precise and can fully transform the look and feel of a room. If you’re looking to modernize your décor, window coverings are one of the simplest methods of changing up your style.

Secures Your Home Some

Window coverings can offer more safety from intruders and the harsh climate like bushfires (BAL40) and wild weather.

Transforms a Space

Window coverings can assist to change an outdoor space into a room that you can enjoy always. Having luxury curtains Dubai in the bedroom is both realistic and aesthetic pleasing.

Suggest the design

Our team of experts or handymen will visit your villa/apartment/office to take the measurements, suggest design, or find out the issue which needs curtain fixing.


We provide a reasonable invoice after you choose the perfect curtain fabrics in Dubai for your home or office.


We usually take 1 week to install curtain. We also offer services of repairing.

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“I am really happy to choose Leeds Furniture to fix my damaged curtains which were hanging out the railings. They did it minimum type in quite a good rates. I will surely recommend them to my friends.”
“I was searching for curtain shops in Dubai and visited Leeds Furniture. I told them about my office which is facing directly towards the west side. They created an amazing set of bespoke curtains, same as I was dreaming about. Thank you so much.”