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Materials for sowing pencil pleat curtains

Sewing curtains is a lot of fun because they need simple sewing tools and have unique styles. 

Choosing the right pinch pleat curtain

If you are looking to sew fabric in a more elegant way, pinch pleat curtain style is the right way to go.

Materials for triple pinch pleats

Triple pinch pleats are fuller and make use of more fabric than their pencil pleat counterparts.

Which curtains to use for Eyelet?

Eyelet curtains are used on a metal curtain pole. You need to punch the holes and allow the pole to pass through the fabric.

Reasons why having a blackout curtain is ideal for your home

Blackout curtains are meant to keep sun out from the home. They are important for 3 major reasons: they minimize energy cost, block noise, and reduce the impact of sun.

Various benefits of motorized curtains

Technology has really impacted the way we live our lives. A motorized curtain is one of the improvements in our home bindings we can give credit to technology.