Make your floors look fancy!


Make your floors look fancy!

A carpet isn’t merely the floor beneath our feet. It exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness. And adds a finishing touch to the décor of the room.

Carpets can be utilitarian as well as decorative. They soften the hard flooring, make a room soundproof and maintain the right temperature while giving a homely feel and warmth in cold places.

It’s not necessary that carpets are picked out last. At times, they become the central theme around which the whole room is designed. A lot of people opt for antique carpets but they go fabulously well with the latest modern apartments and condos without sticking out like a sore thumb.

The decision to choose the right carpet cannot be made haphazardly as it can enhance or mar the look of the room. They can be the ace up one’s sleeve when it comes to the overall feel and look of the room. Depending on one’s taste, a carpet can either blend in with the rest of the interiors of the room or make a bold style statement. One must rely on a renowned furnishing house to help the experts select the right pattern, design and color to meet the client’s specification and ensure customer satisfaction by the flooring suppliers in dubai.

While deciding on the curtains, it’s important to be aware that they require a lot of maintenance. They trap the moisture and give a foul odor. Carpets should be regularly and professionally cleaned and vacuumed. Vacuuming must be done once a week and spills must be wiped immediately.

Thus, there are different textures according to different climate conditions. Hot climate areas use woven carpets with preferably light colors. Cold places use heavy carpets to give a cozy look to the room. Another deciding matter is to pick between a single color or a pattern. Some find a single color boring while others find patterns contradictory and confusing.

The latest carpets trending are those which can be hung on the walls, as absurd as it may sound. And last but not the least, choosing the right carpet is a matter of individual taste and the décor of your house. So, choose that carpet carefully.

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