Wooden Blinds


Wooden Blinds

Leeds Furniture provides Wooden Blinds In Dubai that are ideal for both businesses and households. There are Venetian blinds that seem expensive and refined and are well-suited to the window area. To raise and lower the blinds and to tilt the slats, these blinds come with matching wooden valances, toggles, and cords. When ordering custom-made blinds, you have the option of picking from a variety of slat sizes. Along with the standard wooden hue that most customers are familiar with, some customers choose white blinds since they give the space a more uncluttered appearance. Wooden blinds also offer the added benefit of being more durable and of superb quality.

While embellishing a new site or refurbishing an older one, blinds play a vital function in revamping your home. However, wooden blinds are in huge demand as it has lots of benefits to provide to the customers.

Why Choose Us For Wooden Blinds in Dubai?

Wooden blinds in Dubai don’t just offer a wooden look to the partitions but also offer an extremely soothing appearance. A wooden blind can transform the dull appearance of your location to a state-of-the-art one presently. Wooden Blinds have a natural charm which provides the whole room a natural look. Wooden blinds have the ability to outperform the curtains as the blinds look more ravishing than the drapes utilized to till the blinds were designed.

Wood Blinds have the ability to obstruct additional heat from outdoors and keep a chilly temperature within the room. The windows from damp areas like bathroom and kitchen that might be tend to damp might be repaired with faux wood blinds as they have ability to continue such damp conditions without getting dented in any style.

Types of Wood Used for Wooden Carpets

Leeds Furniture offers Wooden Blinds In Dubai which are perfect for both offices and homes. They are venetian blinds that suit the window space well and give a rich and classy look. These blinds come with matching wooden valences, toggles, and cords for raising and lowering the blinds and also tilting the slats. You are given the opportunity to choose from slat sizes you prefer when selecting blinds that are custom built. Along with the regular wooden color that is available to most customers, some prefer having these blinds in white as they offer a cleaner look to the room. An added advantage of choosing wooden blinds is that they are more durable and have higher quality.

In general, there are two different ranges of wood used to create the long curtains i.e. Ramin wood and Bass wood.

Bass Timber is mostly used to make those wooden blinds which are strong and influential in character. While, the Ramin wood isn’t enough strong and thus, the blinds fabricated of this wood is usually very cost-effective.

The wooden blinds for curtain installation Dubai are designed with or without the grasp option. Blinds with holes have the ability to allow a small amount of the sun go through the blinds but if there is nil gap in the dividers, thus it is going to allow zero sunlight to fix the room, leading to a full gloomy room.

Before you choose your preferred wooden blind for your part, make certain that you must lookout the sizes of the slats of the blinds.

Custom Wooden Blinds Gallery

Emirates Hills


Emirates Hills
Dubai, UAE

Emirates Hills


Emirates Hills
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Private Residence
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How We Work

  • Visit Your Place: Our professional staff from showroom will take an appointment to visit your villa/apartment/office and take measurements.
  • Suggest the Blinds: We can offer a huge range of services as per your space in a variety of fabrics colors, designs, and templates.
  • Quotation: We discuss every aspect with our clients and then call for an invoice. You will find most affordable rates at Leeds Furniture.
  • Installation: We can fix the selected piece at your place after you approve the payment draft. It usually takes 6 days to create your blinds.
Made to measure sizes
Delivery in 1 week
Easy to use

Our Blinds Installation FAQ

After we check your requirements, it will take 3 days to install the blinds.

As part of our terms and conditions, we supply 1 year warranty. The blinds are well made so we very rarely get requests for repairs.

We supply every kind of blinds like venetian, wooden and roman. You can browse through our website to know more.

Yes, we do installations throughout the UAE.

Clients Testimonials

I got wooden blinds which were white in color and now my bedroom looks very neat. Easy installation by the people at Leeds.

David Fletcher

Got Leeds to do my office windows and I am completely satisfied with the result.

Victoria Thatcher

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