Venetian Blinds In Dubai

Venetian Blinds In Dubai

Venetian Blinds In Dubai

Unlike vertical blinds, horizontal ones are better suited for an office setting. If you are looking for the best venetian blinds in Dubai, then Leeds Furniture is the go-to place. Once we receive an order for an office or home, we usually send in our experts to measure and have an understanding of what is required. You get to choose between a wide variety of fabric, color, design, and templates. Our staff will discuss every minute aspect with you and we will find the blinds you are looking for at the right cost. We undertake the installation of blinds all over the UAE.

When it comes to window treatments, it is tough to choose a more sophisticated style than venetian blinds. These window blinds have pleasing to the eye and easy design, that means that they can fit completely in any room, regardless of what the decor. They have always been a famous alternative amongst homeowners, for several good reasons. If you are considering investing in new coverings for your homes windows, Venetian Blinds In Dubai might be the best process to go. You will have lots of window treatment concepts to opt from, each with their own benefits.

Here are some major benefits that venetian blinds offer homeowners:

Design versatility: Venetian blinds are perfect and state-of-the-art looking, so they can be installed into any room without pilfering focus or not fitting with the design. Venetian blinds are available in a wide array of materials - like aluminium and wood - hence, you will find a set that is just what you are seeking out.

Light control: Venetian blinds are one of the most versatile window treatments on the market. You can just control how much light lets a room by fine-tuning the angles of the blades. They can go everywhere from fully open to finally closed, depending on the time of day and where the sun is. These blinds also provide an amount of privacy, though, when they are partly open.

Low maintenance: Like other types of custom-design drapes or shades, venetian blinds need very low maintenance. To keep them clean, all you have to do is clean the blades down rarely with a wet cloth. However, nothing else needs to be completed.

Create A Uniform Look

When you opt for Venetian blinds for your home or office, you can make a consistent, look from one room to the next. However, you might choose to opt for a different finish in each room, owing your new blinds in place in each space can assist to get an unified look to the property.

Our Venetian Blinds Work

Venetian Blinds Works 1

Features of Venetian Blinds

Easy to Maintain

They are light, strong, easy to clean and affordable.

Helps Keeping the Temperature Low

They help prevent light or heat from entering the house or office during summer thus reducing temperature.

Fine Finish

It can be made from material like Aluminum which gives it a fine finish.


Our Installation Process

  • Visit Your Place Our professional staff from showroom will take an appointment to visit your villa/apartment/office and take measurements.
  • Suggest the Blinds We can offer a huge range of services as per your space in a variety of fabrics colors, designs, and templates.
  • Quotation We discuss every aspect with our clients and then call for an invoice. You will find most affordable rates at Leeds Furniture.
  • Installation We can fix the selected piece at your place after you approve the payment draft. It usually takes 6 days to create your blinds.

Made to measure sizes

Delivery in 1 week

Easy to use

Our Blinds FAQ

Common Questions about Venetian Blinds

We are often asked many question about our venetian blinds so we have compiled a list of the common ones to assist you in your decision making.

How long will it take to install the Blinds?

After we check your requirements, it will take 3 days to install the blinds.

What warranty do you supply for the Blind?

As part of our terms and conditions we supply 1-year warranty. The blinds are well made so we very rarely get requests for repairs.

Can you supply other types of blinds?

We supply every kind of blinds like roman and wooden. You can browse through our website to know more.

Can you install throughout the UAE?

Yes, we do installations throughout the UAE.

Clients Testimonials

I have always liked horizontal blinds and finally decided to get venetians for my bedroom, the whole process was so simple, and I am glad I chose Leeds.

David Fletcher

I got venetian blinds for my office and now the light enters it better and the place looks brighter. You guys did a fabulous job installing it.

Victoria Thatcher
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