Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds

Introduce a unique combination of elegance and warmth to your rooms with a bold choice of panel blinds. Highly versatile and universally loved for their practicality and durable construction, these blinds are sure to give you the best value for money, while protecting your rooms from harsh sunrays, and beautifying your interiors.

Panel blinds are a great choice for a lot more than just covering big window spaces and full doors. They can also be used effectively as an affordable alternative to a solid room partition, thereby dividing the room in grace and style.

We offer a large range of colors, cloths and designs, in addition to a number of unique fabric materials, such as suede and sheer. With these many choices, you can be certain you will find something that brings out color, warmth and elegance in the room.

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A popular choice all over the world, panel blinds are rich in functionality and features as well. At the fully closed setting, they will block out all light out of the room, and ensure a perfect sleep. Partially open, you can benefit from some natural light, or simply open the all the way to let in the warmth and the sun.

Alongside all of the features, depending on the variants, you can also choose how your panel blinds stack up, with some of the notable choices being on the left or right, or go for a center part.

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