Roller & Motorized Blinds


Roller & Motorized Blinds

Window blinds are a very common alternative for homeowners that would like to cover their window to obstruct light or shield privacy. They are glossy in appearance, easy to maintain and pretty hard-wearing – making them perfect for modern homes. Budget-friendly roller & motorized blinds in Dubai are elegant and custom fit to every window.

Motorized window blinds act upon the similar purpose of traditional window blinds. These blinds have supplementary functions that make them a precious accumulation to your home’s interior design.

Cordless Design Offers Utmost Safety for Children and Pets

When it comes to children’s protection, motorized window blinds provide parents a great peace of mind.

Window coverings with corded structures are safety risk for young children as well as pets. Cords create as suffocation vulnerability when children become knotted in them, above all corded systems featuring a circle. Pets are also in danger of wound from corded window blinds equally to young kids.

Motorized window blinds are a cordless structure which makes them one of the protected window treatments choices for parents and pet owners.

For these major purposes, motorized window blinds are perfect for any rooms in your home that your kids or pets have get into.

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Benefits Of Carpet Tiles

  • Design flexibility No edging or capping required.
  • Terrific auditory performance.
  • Great sturdiness with long-term constancy and performance.
  • Secure, Non-toxic, Non-irritant and Non-allergenic.
  • Easy Transportation- Boxes to fit in the back of your car.
  • Can be fitted on top of laminate/vinyl/concrete with no need for underlie.
  • Easy to clean and if a tile is broken, you can easily change the tile before the entire floor.

Blinds used to be difficult to operate as they have strings that can easily get tangled. Leeds Furniture has motorized roller blinds in Dubai which take innovation to a whole new level. Using an automatic control, you can control the amount of light you want to enter the room from wherever you are sitting. It is also possible to choose the method of control you want to employ. You can use a programmable timing device, handheld remotes, or even switches mounted on the wall. We also offer our clients custom-made designs which can grace their office or home décor.

Our Services

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Private Residence
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Our Process

  • Visit Your Place Our professional staff from showroom will take an appointment to visit your villa/apartment/office and take measurements.
  • Suggest the Blinds We can offer a huge range of services as per your space in a variety of fabrics colors, designs, and templates.
  • Quotation We discuss every aspect with our clients and then call for an invoice. You will find most affordable rates at Leeds Furniture.
  • Installation We can fix the selected piece at your place after you approve the payment draft. It usually takes 6 days to create your blinds.
Made to measure sizes
Delivery in 1 week
Easy to use

Roller & Motorized Blinds In Dubai available in different designs and varieties

As a leading blinds supplier in Dubai, we believe that window coverings considerably influence both the style and sense of a room, and being indispensable for a soothing sleep. As Roller & Motorized Blinds In Dubai have lots of good qualities such as attractive design, flexibility and stability, they are usually identified as one of the great choices for any window. The major benefits of roller & motorized blinds in Dubai comprise:

Attractive design

Roller blinds offer tidy, simple lines that sit redden against the wall or window to which they are installed. From block colours to flower-patterned, there’s an extensive array of different designs provided to include a touch of style to the room. Looking for the help of blinds professional will make sure a customized service modified to your specific needs. Here at our blinds are custom-made and the (free) measuring service offered by our team guarantees a made to order experience for a perfect fit.


Without any added installation, the blinds run using hardware that is naturally secure and poses no menace to children or pets. Thus, roller blinds are all used in any room such as bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, and the bedrooms of young children.


Due to their straightforward, top-quality design, roller blinds open and close simply and wear back to front. Such blinds are especially long-lasting as they feature powerful aluminium barrels, superior quality fabrics, and thoroughly experienced operating systems permitted by the British Blind and Shutter Association.

Low budget

As an affordable solution to privacy requirements, light control, resilience and kid-friendly, roller blinds come as an eye-catching alternative to several different rooms and needs, especially if you’re on a budget. Furthermore, if your room requires rejuvenate design-wise, you can immediately augment any existing room by just changing old, exhausted curtains or blinds.

Easy to run and low maintenance

Some blinds are profound and tough to work, and repair can be high-priced if they break into the process. Luckily, the roller blinds we offer are designed exclusively, all of which are handmade by specialists who have more than 60 years’ experience. Therefore, the blinds work flawlessly using bead chains or spiral roller styles. Roller & Motorized Blinds are quite easy to clean; just wash them down with a wet cloth – ideal for any busy home environment, particularly those with pets or young children. However, the blackout blinds are for the most part compatible to bathrooms as well, as not even outlines or shadows are seen through to the other side.

Our Blinds Installation FAQ

After we check your requirements, it will take 3 days to install the blinds.

As part of our terms and conditions, we supply 1 year warranty. The blinds are well made so we very rarely get requests for repairs.

We supply every kind of blinds like venetian, wooden and roman. You can browse through our website to know more.

Yes, we do installations throughout the UAE.

Clients Testimonials

I had roller blinds installed recently from Leeds, and they were done extremely well. I will recommend them to my friends for sure.

David Fletcher

Leeds Furniture gave me the best service when it came to installing roller blinds for my office. I will visit them again.

Victoria Thatcher

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