Office Curtains

Office Curtains

Office Curtains

Leeds Furnishing gives you the opportunity to breath new air into your corporate or commercial workplace with a huge selection of office curtains.

Our curtains are designed and crafted with the latest market and corporate trends in mind. With the highest quality fabrics and exquisite materials, Leeds Furnishing curtains have come to be known for their unmatched quality, durable cloth, and attractive appearance.

The interior and décor of an office is meant to be such that you enjoy working there for long periods of time. This means it has the ability to make you feel active, improve your mood, and also take away and minimize the stress.

At Leeds Furnishing, we offer you the highest quality of curtain fabric, and the best installation options, so the inside of your office looks not only warm and welcoming, but also becomes a peaceful place of work.

We provide a large selection of breathtaking designs, patterns and shades, along with great choices of materials, al of which is done to best suit your needs personally, and the environment in your office.

Curtains VS Blinds

Even though many people use curtains in their office to create a more warm and receptive environment, the majority of offices have blinds, because they are more simple in their looks, and seem to deliver a more formal mood.

To put it simply, both of these options can create an elegant and productive look in the office. While curtains are more suitable for rooms that are big in size and height, blinds are more desirable for small and compact offices. This is because they can usually allow more light in, and make the room look like it has more space.

The light color of the blinds and the sleek slats also help create a spacious impression, while the rich color and thick materials used in curtain fabric make them more appropriate for use in very big rooms.

Choosing Blinds

In most cases, the slats used in blinds are going to be made of hard materials. This could be wood, plastic, or light metal. The colors used are either light, or a wooden shade of dark.

In terms if usage and functionality, they are easy to adjust, and this is done through remote control, the cord, or through the wand.

Another major advantage is the rotation. You have the choice of exactly how much light you want to allow into the office, or just go with none at all. This takes seconds, and all you have to do is adjust the controls. If you don’t like the partial light the slats are allowing into the room, you can even pull them up all the way.

You also have many design choices, all of which have their advantages. They can be opened up horizontally or vertically, and you can even chose to get those with thick or thin panels.


With curtains, the main advantage is the kind of cloth you can get, including silk and linen, both of which reflect elegance and luxury.

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