The best features of installing motorized curtains in Dubai


The best features of installing motorized curtains in Dubai

A bunch of motorized blinds are an extraordinary expansion to windows that are far off; on the other hand, if you are looking for a method for expanding the allure of your home. An upscale brilliant home-accommodating expansion, a smart shade or motorized curtains in Dubai permit you to control the light and protection inside your home… Continue reading The best features of installing motorized curtains in Dubai

Buy the top quality window shades in Dubai

Productivity, convenience, comfort, and security are the four columns on which smart home technology rests. If you intend to live in a particular home, one of the principal things to get is the smart curtains in Dubai. Top Quality Window Shades in Dubai If you are skeptical about our ideas, investigate the advantages of installing automated… Continue reading Buy the top quality window shades in Dubai

Beautify your bathrooms!

It was in the bathroom that Archimedes had his great Eureka moment! The importance of the bathroom cannot be underestimated either in history or in our lives! So, it’s important to furnish it well. And curtains play a major role in its embellishment. You may be a bathroom singer, or you may get all your… Continue reading Beautify your bathrooms!

Make your floors look fancy!

A carpet isn’t merely the floor beneath our feet. It exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness. And adds a finishing touch to the décor of the room. Carpets can be utilitarian as well as decorative. They soften the hard flooring, make a room soundproof and maintain the right temperature while giving a homely feel… Continue reading Make your floors look fancy!

Let the curtains fall!

So, you decide the give your good old curtains a miss. But now what? How do you begin? While the market is flooded with various types of blinds, it’s important to find a professional blinds supplier who would visit the place with the experts, make suggestions keeping in mind your décor, taste and budget. And… Continue reading Let the curtains fall!

Materials for triple pinch pleats

Triple pinch pleats are fuller and make use of more fabric than their pencil pleat counterparts.  These particular design of curtains are more difficult to make and more expensive too. To get the desired result, sewing has to be done in a more professional manner.  You’ll need materials like basic sewing equipment, curtain weights, heading… Continue reading Materials for triple pinch pleats